Thursday 30 June 2016

It is done ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

This was our last col - no sign so I took a picture of the pothole

Steve and I rose at 05:00 this morning. The lady at our hotel had given us some breakfast stuff in our room so we ate that and we were on the road just before 06:00. I think it took about 15 minutes to get out from the gravel track and lanes where the hotel was and then we will were on our way. The first col came up almost straight away and then there was one other slightly harder one later in the day. On the whole, though, we have had another day of good tandem roads and we were back in Saverne by about 14:00.

It was exiting when Saverne first appeared on the roadsigns but then our route kept turning us away from the town. Clearly the organisers thought we needed a few more km and an extra hill or two to make our day comlpete 😉. Joking aside, the 100 cols route is just brilliant. Definitely hard, but varied and interesting with stunning scenery. I will definitely strive to do sections or even all of it again (maybe not on a tandem 😃).

This afternoon we have driven part way back to the ferry port for the sailing home tomorrow. How strange it feels to have that little plastic pedal and to push it down and effortlessly accelerate up the hills on the motorway 😃. I expect the novelty will soon wear off.

Very sorry but I have tried everything to publish pictures and it just won't work - I will add them for this and the previous day when I am home tomorrow.

Pictures now added - there will be a couple more posts in the coming days.

Today we rode 127km and climbed 2162m.

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